How to Buy

On the Web –AccountAccess

ProFunds may be purchased online by using ProFunds Account Access.
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Contact Us

If you have any questions about buying ProFunds, contact us.

Other Financial Services Firms

ProFunds are also available for purchase through other financial services firms, including:

  • TDAmeritrade 800-454-9272
  • Charles Schwab & Co. 800-225-8570
  • Fidelity Investments 800-343-3548
  • Fiserv Advisor Services (formerly DATALynx) 800-328-2596
  • Scottrade 800-619-7283
  • Trust Company of America 303-705-6000

Please contact them for full details.

ProFunds provides this information for your convenience but does not ensure the accuracy of the information. The cut-off times for trading the ProFunds will vary and are set by the particular brokerage firms. Investment minimums for the ProFunds will also vary depending upon whether you have established an account at the particular brokerage firm. Please contact the brokerage firm of your choice for additional information.

This listing of brokerage firms is provided solely for informational purposes and is neither a recommendation nor a solicitation by ProFunds to utilize the services of any brokerage firm. ProFunds is not affiliated with the brokerage firms and neither sponsors nor endorses any particular brokerage firm or investment strategy.