Financial Professionals

  • Group accounts: what they are

    A group account is a simple and efficient way to control multiple accounts that are exchanged identically between funds. For example, instead of calling in and citing many different individual account numbers and instructing that all accounts be exchanged from fund A to fund B, financial professionals can simply instruct the group to be exchanged from fund A to fund B. Even better, the group exchange online can be done with just a few simple steps. We recommend using this service if you have three or more accounts that trade the same way. Having a group account has another important benefit; it gives you the ability to view account balances online for every account assigned to the group. Financial Professionals can create or modify existing groups directly using ProFunds Account Access.

  • Setting up an online group trading account

    ProFunds Account Access allows financial professionals to manage their groups' activities quickly, conveniently and easily. To access group trading features, navigate to the Groups tab within ProFunds Account Access. To create or modify groups, click on the Manage tab within Groups.

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