About Share Classes

Each ProFund offers Investor Class and Service Class shares.

Investor Class

No Distribution or Shareholder Service (12b-1) fees
  • Traditional No Load
  • No entry or exit fees
  • No transaction fees

Service Class

1% Distribution and Shareholder Service (12b-1) Fee

  • No entry or exit fees
  • No transaction fees
  • 0.75% distribution fee
  • 0.25% shareholder service fee

Annual 12b-1 fee of up to 1% — paid monthly. The 0.75% distribution fee is available only to registered broker-dealers. The 0.25% shareholder service fee is available to any financial professional who provides certain designated services to their clients.

This report is intended for general information and should not be used to solicit prospective investors. For more complete information please review the prospectus.