Split/Reverse Split Tax Forms

To facilitate tax basis reporting, the Internal Revenue Service requires we report splits and reverse splits on form 8937 (beginning January 2012).

For more information, consult with a tax professional and/or your financial professional.

January 22, 2018

Name Download
UltraNASDAQ-100 - Investor PDF
UltraNASDAQ-100 - Service PDF
UltraBull - Investor PDF
UltraBull - Service PDF
UltraMid-Cap - Investor PDF
UltraMid-Cap - Service PDF
UltraShort China - Investor PDF
UltraShort China - Service PDF
UltraShort Latin America - Investor PDF
UltraShort Latin America - Service PDF
UltraShort Japan - Investor PDF
UltraShort Japan - Service PDF
UltraShort Small-Cap - Investor PDF
UltraShort Small-Cap - Service PDF

December 11, 2017

Name Download
VP - Short Emerging Markets PDF
VP - UltraShort Nasdaq-100 PDF

December 2, 2016

Name Download
Access Flex Bear High Yield - Investor PDF
Access Flex Bear High Yield - Service PDF
Bear - Investor PDF
Bear - Service PDF
UltraEmerging Markets - Investor PDF
UltraEmerging Markets - Service PDF
UltraShort Emerging Markets - Investor PDF
UltraShort Emerging Markets - Service PDF
UltraShort NASDAQ-100 - Investor PDF
UltraShort NASDAQ-100 - Service PDF
Rising Rates Opportunity - Investor PDF
Rising Rates Opportunity - Service PDF
Short Precious Metals - Investor PDF
Short Precious Metals - Service PDF
Short Oil and Gas - Investor PDF
Short Oil and Gas - Service PDF
UltraShort Dow 30 - Investor PDF
UltraShort Dow 30 - Service PDF
UltraShort Mid-Cap - Investor PDF
UltraShort Mid-Cap - Service PDF
UltraBear - Investor PDF
UltraBear - Service PDF
VP - Telecommunications PDF
VP - Japan PDF
VP - Bear PDF
VP - Short Mid-Cap PDF
VP - Rising Rates Opportunity PDF

December 11, 2015

Name Download
Nasdaq-100 ProFund (OTPIX) - Investor PDF
Nasdaq-100 ProFund (OTPSX) - Service PDF
Precious Metals Ultra Sector ProFund (PMPIX) - Investor PDF
Precious Metals Ultra Sector ProFund (PMPSX) - Service PDF
Ultra Latin America ProFund (UBPIX) - Investor PDF
Ultra Latin America ProFund (UBPSX) - Service PDF

February 21, 2014

Name Download
Biotechnology UltraSector ProFund (BIPIX) - Investor PDF
Biotechnology UltraSector ProFund (BIPSX) - Service PDF
Short NASDAQ-100 ProFund (SOPIX) - Investor PDF
Short NASDAQ-100 ProFund (SOPSX) - Service PDF
Short Real Estate ProFund (SRPIX) - Investor PDF
Short Real Estate ProFund (SRPSX) - Service PDF
Short Small-Cap ProFund (SHPIX) - Investor PDF
Short Small-Cap ProFund (SHPSX) - Service PDF
UltraShort Japan ProFund (UKPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraShort Japan ProFund (UKPSX) - Service PDF
UltraShort China ProFund (UHPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraShort China ProFund (UHPSX) - Service PDF
UltraShort International ProFund (UXPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraShort International ProFund (UXPSX) - Service PDF
UltraShort NASDAQ-100 ProFund (USPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraShort NASDAQ-100 ProFund (USPSX) - Service PDF
UltraShort Small-Cap ProFund (UCPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraShort Small-Cap ProFund (UCPSX) - Service PDF

November 16, 2012

Name Download
Banks UltraSector ProFund (BKPIX) - Investor PDF
Banks UltraSector ProFund (BKPSX) - Service PDF
Internet UltraSector ProFund (INPIX) - Investor PDF
Internet UltraSector ProFund (INPSX) - Service PDF
UltraShort Mid-Cap ProFund (UIPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraShort Mid-Cap (ProFund UIPSX) - Service PDF
UltraBear ProFund (URPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraBear ProFund (URPSX) - Service PDF
UltraShort Dow 30 ProFund (UWPIX) - Investor PDF
UltraShort Dow 30 ProFund (UWPSX) - Service PDF

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