ProFunds Launches Bitcoin Strategy Mutual Fund


ProFunds Announces Mutual Fund and VP Fund Share Splits (11/17/20)


ProFunds Announces Mutual Fund and VP Fund Share Splits (10/11/19)

Mobile Telecommunications ProFund Changes to Communications Services (3/20/19)


Four Leveraged Sector ProFunds Change Benchmarks


ProFunds Announces Mutual Fund Share Splits (11/4/2016)


ProFunds Announces Mutual Fund Share Splits (11/24/2015)


ProFunds Announces Mutual Fund Share Splits (2/7/2014)


ProFunds Announces Mutual Fund Share Splits (11/8/2012)


ProFunds Expects Zero Year-End Capital Gain Distributions (12/9/2011)

ProFunds Announces Reverse Share Splits of Five Mutual Funds (10/5/2011)

ProFunds Group Names Troy Goldstein Director of National Accounts (7/5/2011)

ProFunds Group Names Richard Eng Chief Operations Officer (5/12/2011)


ProFunds Group Names Donald Roberson Managing Director, Distribution (5/24/2010)


ProFunds Group Names Amy Doberman General Counsel (5/7/2009)

ProFunds Group Names Richard Kendrick Managing Director, Marketing (4/27/2009)

ProFunds Group Names Joanne Hill Head of Investment Strategy (2/12/2009)


ProFunds Group Names Todd Johnson Chief Investment Officer (12/2/2008)

New Mutual Funds Offer Short and Magnified Exposure to Chinese Stocks (2/5/2008)


ProFunds Launches Two Latin America Funds (10/17/2007 )


Bill Seale Reassumes CIO Post at ProFunds Group (10/24/2006)

ProFunds Launches Four Innovative International Funds (4/19/2006)

ProFund Advisors Launches Short Precious Metals Sector Fund (1/9/2006)


ProFunds Launches Account Access (12/4/2005 2:50:34 PM)

ProFund Advisors Managing 10 Funds for Toronto-based BetaPro Management Inc. (10/17/2005 11:33:53 AM)

ProFund Advisors Launches Short Oil & Gas, Short Real Estate Sector Funds (9/27/2005 9:27:56 AM)

Gus Fleites Joins ProFund Advisors as Chief Investment Officer and Head of Exchange Traded Funds (8/22/2005 2:15:00 PM)

ProFund Advisors Launches Bear High Yield Fund (4/27/2005 9:19:39 AM)

ProFund Advisors Launches U.S. Dollar ProFunds (2/22/2005)

ProFunds Launches Rising Rates Opportunity 10 ProFund (1/24/2005)

ProFund Advisors Launches High Yield Fund (1/7/2005)


ProFunds Launches UltraShort Dow 30 ProFund (8/12/2004)

Third Annual ProFunds Survey Shows Investors Remain Unaware of Interest Rate Impact on Bond Values (7/2/2004)


Money Pours Into Inverse Bond ProFunds as Interest Rates Jump (8/14/2003)

Survey Shows Most Investors Believe Rates Will Rise (6/26/2003)


Matt Connors Joins ProFund Advisors as Managing Director (10/21/2002)

ProFunds Launches Unleveraged Large-Cap Growth and Large-Cap Value Funds (10/1/2002)

ProFunds Launches UltraDow 30 and Precious Metals Funds (6/3/2002)

ProFunds Launches Rising Rates Opportunity ProFund (5/6/2002)

Steve Cohen Is Named Head of Institutional Group (3/18/2002)


Banks and Basic Materials UltraSector ProFunds Open (10/30/2001)

Seven ProFunds Declare 1-for-5 Reverse Share Split (10/12/2001)

ProFunds Changes Objective of Europe Fund (9/19/2001)

ProFunds Launches Six Unleveraged Funds (9/4/2001)

ProFunds Added to Schwab OneSource (6/6/2001)

ProFunds Now Available Through ING Variable Annuities (5/1/2001)

Four UltraSector ProFunds Declare 1 for 10 Reverse Share Split (4/24/2001)

American Skandia Adds Sector, Timer Funds; Profunds To Manage New Portfolios (1/22/2001)


ProFunds Now Available With No Transaction Fee at Fidelity (12/19/2000)

Dow Jones and ProFunds Sign Exclusive License for Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (12/13/2000)

Mark E. Rayford Is Named Chief Operating Officer At ProFunds (10/18/2000)

OTC ProFund Launched (9/5/2000)

UltraSector ProFunds Hit $100 Million Milestone Passed Just Six Weeks After Launch (8/9/2000)

Utilities ProFund Opens (7/27/2000)

Pharmaceutical ProFund Opens (7/17/2000)

First Indexed Sector Fund Family Launched (6/19/2000)

‘Bear Market' Fund's Assets Double In One Month (4/17/2000)

ProFunds Exceed $3 Billion in Assets Level Reached in Less than 28 months (3/13/2000)

Three New ProFunds Seek to Double Small-Cap, Mid-Cap and Nikkei Indexes (2/3/2000)


UltraBull ProFund and UltraOTC ProFund to Declare Four for One Share Split (7/13/1999)


When NASDAQ-100® Index Declines New Mutual Fund Provides Opportunity For Investors To Seek Gains (6/1/1998)