ProFunds provides a wide range of investment strategies for knowledgeable investors, offering more than 100 mutual funds, including classic and geared (leveraged and inverse) funds.

Please see below a current list of ProFunds that have paid distributions. We will update this list when a ProFund distributes dividends / capital gains so you may want to check this page periodically.

Once a distribution for a fund has been made, the amount of the distribution will be subtracted from the funds' NAV for the next day. Unless you've requested distributions be paid in cash, they will be re-invested for you in the distributing ProFund.

Please note: ProFunds doesn't pre-announce distribution dates or expected rates prior the distribution. Because ProFunds doesn't restrict the frequency of exchanges among our family of funds, pre-announcing distribution dates could cause a temporary increase in redemptions prior to the distribution. Under that scenario, the total annual fund distribution would be spread among fewer shareholders and would increase the distribution amount paid to those still invested in the fund. Therefore, our policy is to keep fund distributions unannounced and unscheduled so that all ProFund investors, regardless of investment discipline, are treated fairly.

If you would like detailed information on past distributions for ProFunds, please use the dropdown box on the right to get distribution information by calendar year.


Name Dividend S/T CapGain L/T CapGain Reinvest Price Record Date Pay and Ex Date
Access Flex High Yield $0.579572 - - $32.36 3/29/2021 3/30/2021
Access Flex High Yield $0.235025 - - $32.89 6/28/2021 6/29/2021
U.S. Government Plus ProFund $0 - - $70.76 1/31/2021 1/31/2021
U.S. Government Plus ProFund $0 - - $65.32 2/28/2021 2/28/2021
U.S. Government Plus ProFund $0 - - $60.26 3/31/2021 3/31/2021
U.S. Government Plus ProFund $0 - - $62.22 4/30/2021 4/30/2021
U.S. Government Plus ProFund $0 - - $62.44 5/31/2021 5/31/2021
U.S. Government Plus ProFund $0 - - $65.95 6/30/2021 6/30/2021