Bitcoin Strategy ProFund

Bitcoin Strategy ProFund (BTCFX) is designed to provide returns similar to an investment in bitcoin, before fees and expenses. It seeks capital appreciation primarily through its investment in bitcoin futures.

investment opportunity Gain exposure to a rapidly growing digital asset

A way to seek capital appreciation

Complement to stocks and bonds

Alternative to traditional currency investments

why bitcoin strategy profund? Convenience and Familiarity of a Mutual Fund

No need to manage separate cryptocurrency exchange accounts or wallets

Familiar trading and pricing practices—trade shares daily at NAV1

Underlying futures contracts are backed by a centralized clearinghouse

ProFunds has more than 20 years’ experience offering innovative funds

Ready to Invest?

Learn how to invest in Bitcoin Strategy Profund (BTCFX)

You can buy the fund through your preferred investment platform, your investment professional or direct from ProFunds.