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"The End is Nigh - and That's Good" by Peter Brimelow, (3/5/2009)


"What's Bubbling Over Now" Jeffrey R. Kosnett, (5/9/2008)

"Five Fund Picks for the Next 15 Years" Bridget B. Hughes, (5/8/2008)

"Currency Plays For the Retail Set" Stan Luxenberg, Registered Rep Magazine (5/1/2008)


"Enhanced Index Funds Come Up Short" Aparajita Saha-Bubna, Wall Street Journal (9/12/2007)

"Risk and Reward of Exposure" Rebecca Knight, Financial Times (9/11/2007)

"Trading Places" Bill Donoghue, Market Watch (9/5/2007)

"Fund Picks & Pans: Fidelity, Vanguard, ProFunds" Christine Benz, (8/28/2007)

"Joining the ETF Fray with Trepidation" Will Jackson, Fund Strategy (1/4/2006)

"Inverse Funds Clean Up in Market Rout" Kevin Baker, (7/2007)

"Product Watch: Ameritas Direct Relaunches No-Load VAs" Caitlin Mollison, Investment News (7/23/2007)

"Precious Metals Funds Shine Next to Weak Dollar" Kevin Baker, (7/14/2007)

""Latin, Asian Funds Excel"" Paul Adams, Baltimore Sun (7/15/2007)

"Resurgent Rivals to Challenge Barlcays' ETF Hold" Muralikumar Anantharaman, Reuters (7/13/2007)

""Relief: Gains Hold Up"" Daily Maxey and Lyneka Little, Wall Street Journal (7/3/2007)

"Sale of Rydex to Insurer: They Love It, They Hate It" Charles Paikert, Investment News (7/9/2007)

"Bear Funds Unfurl When Market's Cloudy" John Waggoner, USA Today (7/5/2007)

"U.S. Stock Funds Roses 4.8% in Second Quarter on Record Mergers" Bloombert, Sree Vidya Bhaktavatsalam (6/28/2007)

"Double-Edged Sword" John Spence, MarketWatch (6/25/2007)

"Emerging-Markets Funds Sizzle This Week" Kevin Baker, (6/23/2007)

"Yields Will Continue to Rise" Michael Larson, MarketWatch (6/13/2007)

"Internet and Telecom Funds Tops in May" Kevin Baker, (6/14/2007)

"Fretting Inflation? Buy These Funds" Brett Arends, (6/8/2007)

"Schwab Adds 16 Fund Families" Lisa Shidler, Investment News (5/1/2007)

"Hungry for Risk?" Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch (5/1/2007)

"Two High-Yield Funds Aim to Help Hedge Risk" David Hoffman, Investment News (4/23/2007)

"Ready for the Worst: Here Comes the Bears" Jan M. Rosen, New York Times (4/8/2007)

"Mixed Signals" Paul Adams, Baltimore Sun (4/8/2007)

"Mutual Funds Add Exotic Fare to the Mix" Eleanor Laise, Wall Street Journal (4/4/2007)

"An Elite Club's Fall from Grace" Tom Lauricella and Joanna L. Ossinger, Wall Street Journal (4/3/2007)

Winners on Steroids" Katy Marquardt, Kiplinger's (3/2007)

"Morningstar's Take: ProFunds Rising Rates Opp Inv RRPIX" Marta Norton, (3/12/2007)

"Morningstar's Take: ProFunds UltraOTC Inv UOPIX" Marta Norton, (3/12/2007)

"Annuities Anew" Raymond Fazzi, Financial Advisor (3/2007)

"Alterative Answers: Funds that Hedge Oil-Price Risk" Gregory Zuckerman, Wall Street Journal (3/12/2007)

"Using a Plunger: Big stock-market drops have a clensing effect on business" Thomas Kostigen, MarketWatch (3/2/2007)

"When the Market Shudders, It's Quality Time" Gregory Zuckerman and Jaclyne Badal, Wall Street Journal (3/4/2007)

"Real Estate Fund Continue Their Advance" Tim Paradis, Associated Press (2/28/2007)

"Fidelity Plans Enhanced Index Foray" Tom Leswing, (3/1/2007)

"On the Rebound" Dian Vujovich, Entrepreneur (2/2007)

"At the Extremes" Scott DeCarlo, Forbes (1/29/2007)

"Growth Fund Guide's Best Yet to Come?" Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch (1/8/2007)

"Morningstar's Take: ProFunds UltraBull Inv ULPIX" Marta Norton, (1/6/2007)

"Big Investors Still Crave Commercial Real Estate"" Vivian Marino, New York Times (1/7/2007)


"For U.S. stock funds, bigger is better" by Jonathan Burton, (9/28/2006)

"Getting Personal: Some New ETF Concepts Debut In Europe" by Ian Salisbury, Dow Jones newswire (9/25/2006)

"ProFund Advisors Has New General Counsel" by Christine Ong, (8/7/2006)

"Biotech Funds: Enter With Care" by Marc Lichtenfeld, (7/27/2006)

"Quarterly Mutual Funds Report: Fed's signals disconcerting" by Laura Smitherman, Baltimore Sun (7/09/2006)

"Real Estate Funds: Pilot or Autopilot?" by Vivian Mariano, The NY Times ["Business" section] (6/25/2006)

"ProShares ETFs Off to Strong Start" by Tom Leswing, (6/23/2006)

"Around the World in 5 ETFs" by Marc Hogan, BusinessWeek Online ["Five for the Money"] (6/22/2006)

"Bear Necessities" by Lawrence Carrel, (6/7/2006)

"SEC Gives Blessing to ProFund's ETFs That Use Leverage" by David Hoffman, Investment News (5/29/2006)

"ProFunds Prepares First Leveraged ETFs" by John Spence, (5/29/2006)

"ProFunds Readies ETFs That Leverage Indexes" by Ken Hoover, Investor's Business Daily (5/26/2006)

"ProFund Wins Approval for First Leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds" by Matt Keenan, Bloomberg Business News (5/24/2006)

"ProFunds Gains SEC Approval for ETFs" by Tom Leswing, (5/24/2006)

"Selling Dollars" by James Grant, Forbes ["Yes, But" column] (5/22/2006)

"Upside Spurs Leveraged Index Funds" by David Hoffman, Investment News (5/8/2006)

"Latest Advice On Wall Street: Buy Currencies" by Eleanor Laise, The Wall Street Journal ["Personal Journal"] (5/3/2006)

"When the Dollar Zigs, These Mutual Funds May Zag" by J. Alex Tarquinio, The New York Times ["Investing" column] (4/30/2006)

"The Real Story: May Is the Time to Sell" by Marc Lichtenfeld, (4/14/2006)

"Industry Leaders May Lack Name Recognition" by Trang Ho, Investor's Business Daily (4/11/2006)

"Mutual Fund Bets Japanese Stocks Will Head Lower" by Angela Pruitt, The Wall Street Journal [Money & Investing: Fund Track] (4/3/2006)

"First-Quarter Fund Winners And Losers" by John Chamberlain, (3/31/2006)

"ProFunds Offers New Fund For Bearish Bets On Japan" by Angela Pruitt, Dow Jones Newswires (3/30/2006)

"Currency Funds Gather A Following" by David Saito-Chung, Investor's Business Daily (3/10/2006)

"Alternate Answers" by Gregory Zuckerman, The Wall Street Journal (1/16/2006)

"Niche No Longer" by Suzanne McGee, Barron's (1/9/2006)

"Best in Class with Bill Seale, ProFunds' Chief Economist" "Best in Class" segment, Bloomberg TV (1/4/2006)


"Want Action? Check Out ProFunds" by Arden Dale, The Wall Street Journal (12/27/2005)

"How to Build Your Own Hedge Fund" by Lewis Braham, Business Week (12/26/2005)

"Betting Against Homes?, with Bill Seale, ProFunds' Chief Economist" Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox News (12/2/2005)

"The Property Report: Negative Bet" by Christine Haughney, The Wall Street Journal Europe (11/24/2005)

"The Property Report: Plots & Ploys - What's Brewing in the Real Estate Market" by Christine Haughney and Jennifer S. Forsyth, The Wall Street Journal (11/23/2005)

"Money & Investing: If Rates Rise, Bond 'Shorts' Are Set to Cash In" by Mark Whitehouse, The Wall Street Journal (10/21/2005)

"Money & Investing: Forget Chasing the Energy-Fund Monry Train" by Peter A. McKay, the Wall Street Journal (9/30/2005)

"Managing Your Money: As Markets Struggle, Bear Funds Roar" by John Waggoner, USA TODAY (9/23/2005)

"Capital Markets: How to Short Junk Bonds" by Marilyn Cohen, Forbes (9/5/2005)

"Japan Post Picks Firms for Investors" by Yuka Hayashi, The Wall Street Journal (8/30/2005)

"Personal Journal: The Dollar Strikes Back" by Jeff D. Opdyke, The Wall Street Journal (7/12/2005)

"Small-Company Stock Funds Zoom Past Bigger Rivals" by John Waggoner, USA TODAY (1/6/2005)

"Personal Finance: Best Funds of 2004" by Dawn Smith (SmartMoney Fund Screen), The Wall Street Journal (1/4/2005)

"Sector Funds Take Spotlight in 2004" by Jackie Cohen, (1/2/2005)


"Mutual Fundamentals: Interview with William Seale, ProFunds' CIO" The Money Gang, CNNfn (11/17/2004)

"How to Navigate the Market Ahead" by Evelyn Ellison Twitchell, SmartMoney (11/11/2004)

"The Portfolio: Short Cuts" by David A. Twibell, Financial Planning (10/1/2004)

"Traditional Brokers" by Tony Chapelle, OnWallStreet (9/1/2004)

"Fund Track: Mutual-Fund 'Timers' Get Clocked" by Arden Dale, The Wall Street Journal (8/23/2004)

"Interview with William Seale, ProFunds' CIO" The Money Gang on CNNfn (6/2/2004)

"Inflation-Proofing Your Portfolio" (5/19/2004)

"How to Ride Rising Rates" Fortune (5/17/2004)

"Rising Tides Can Lift Investments, Planner Says" The Washington Post (5/16/2004)

"Interview with William Seale, ProFunds' CIO" CNBC's Closing Bell (5/12/2004)

"Higher Rates: A Survival Kit" Business Week (5/10/2004)

"Staying Long, but Staying Wary" (4/20/2004)

"What To Do In A Higher Rate Environment" Dow Jones Newswires (4/15/2004)

"A Rising-Rate Survival Guide" The (4/15/2004)

"Cleaning Up Mutual Funds" Austin Business Journal (4/2/2004)

"One-on-One feature interview with Michael Sapir, ProFunds' Chairman & CEO" Investment News (3/29/2004)

"Timer-Friendly Shops in Fund Proliferation Race" (2/11/2004)

"Market Timing Policy: Keep It Simple, Please" Investment News (2/9/2004)

"Mutual Fund Report with William Seale, ProFunds' CIO" Nightly Business Report on PBS (2/3/2004)

"Bloomberg Business Hotline with William Seale, ProFunds' CIO" Bloomberg Radio (1/27/2004)

"Protect Bond Portfolio with Strategy Change" The Hartford Courant (1/25/2004)

"An Income Investor's Survival Guide" (1/20/2004)

"Return of the Triple-digit Club" CNN/Money (1/6/2004)


"For Some, Scandal Is a Boon" BARRON'S (12/1/2003)

"Will the Real Timers Please Stand Up?" Kiplinger's Personal Finance ((12/2003))

"Legitimate 'Timing' Still Has a Place" The Wall Street Journal (11/21/2003)

"Scandal No Obstacle for Timer-Friendly Firms" Ignites (11/20/2003)

"No Taboo Against Timing Here" Business Week (11/17/2003)

"It's Bad But It Isn't Market Timing" The New York Times (11/16/2003)

"For Timers, a New Trading Landscape" The Los Angeles Times (11/9/2003)

"Bond Funds for Rising Rates" (11/7/2003)

"Mutual Fund Scandal Could Help Industry Players" USA Today (9/24/2003)

"Actively Passive?" Financial Planning ((9/2003))

"Why Mutual Funds Discourage Timers" Investor's Business Daily (9/17/2003)

"Double or Nothing Stock Funds on New Hot Streak" Bloomberg (9/16/2003)

"Hedge Probe May be Boon for Market-Timing Funds" Investment News (9/15/2003)

"Timers on Their Hands" BARRON'S (9/15/2003)

"Market Timing's Not Impossible" USA Today (9/12/2003)

"Fund Managers Lament Use of Market-Timing Term" Reuters (9/11/2003)

"Investigation Of Some Funds Is Opportunity For Others" The New York Times (9/9/2003)

"Probe Questions How Funds Value Foreign Holdings" Reuters (9/8/2003)

"Investors Should Not Buy From The Rear View Mirror" Financial Times (8/16/2003)

"Inverse Bond Funds, with Bill Seale of ProFund Advisors" Bloomberg Television (8/14/2003)

"Bearish Bond Funds Gain in Difficult Market" Reuters (8/13/2003)

"How to Short T Bonds" Forbes (8/11/2003)

"Rethink Risk" Financial Planning (8/1/2003)

"X+Treme Investing" Money ((8/2003))

"Interview with William Seale on Closing Bell with Tyler Mathisen" CNBC (7/31/2003)

"Funds for Bond Bears" Barron's (7/21/2003)

"Interview with William Seale on Open Exchange with Tyler Mathisen" CNBC (7/17/2003)

"Top Md. Fund Manager in 2Q is Math Whiz" The Baltimore Sun (7/13/2003)

"Jack Sirard: Money Market Guru Singing a New Tune" The Sacramento Bee (7/8/2003)

"The Comeback Kids" BARRON'S (7/7/2003)

"Approvals Boost Biotech Funds" The Washington Post (7/6/2003)

"Cloudy or Clear?" The Washington Post (7/6/2003)

"Top Performers Tap Tech's Riches -- And Risks" The Boston Globe (7/6/2003)

"Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street" CNBC (7/4/2003)

"Investing on Steroids" (7/3/2003)

"Putting the Fun Back in Funds" Business Week (6/30/2003)

"Plenty of Confusion on Bonds and Rates" The New York Times (6/29/2003)

"Bloomberg on the Markets" Bloomberg T.V. (6/11/2003)

"Quoth the Mavens" Washington Post (6/8/2003)

"Averting A Bond Market Bubble Bath" Financial Advisor ((6/2003))

"Best-Performing Funds Year-to-Date" USA Today (6/2/2003)

"After a Lot of Pain, Funds Rack Up Some Gains" USA Today (6/2/2003)

"Hedged Funds Given Own Category" The Wall Street Journal (5/29/2003)

"Up Funds in a Down Market: How Inverse Index Funds Can Work for Clients -- and Brokers" On Wall Street ((5/2003))

"Funds For Market Timers Thrive In Difficult Market" Dow Jones News Service (5/20/2003)

"Active Fund Traders Thrive In Bear Market" Fund Marketing Alert (5/19/2003)

"Tech-Stock Revival Far From Certainty" Chicago Sun-Times (5/18/2003)

"Can Shortening Treasuries Quell Rate Fears?" Investment News (4/21/2003)

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's "Closing Bell" (4/18/2003)

"Time to Bet Against Bonds?" Business Week (4/14/2003)

"Gambles for Investors With Perfect Clocks" The New York Times (4/6/2003)

"Advisers Paying Up for Actively Traded Funds" Investment News (3/31/2003)

"Tech Funds Not Always Filled With Tech" Mutual Fund Market News (3/31/2003)

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's "Closing Bell" (2/14/2003)

"The Wild Bunch" Kiplinger's Magazine ((2/2003))

"Timing-friendly Funds" CBS MarketWatch (1/22/2003)

"Multicap Growth Funds Helped by Tech Gains" Reuters (1/21/2003)

"Tech and Telecom Set Stage for a Rebound" International Herald Tribune (1/18/2003)

"Hedging Your Index Fund Returns" CBS MarketWatch (1/15/2003)

"Blast from the Past? Not for Fund Investors" The Chicago Tribune (1/7/2003)

"Fourth-Quarter and One-Year Winners and Losers" The Wall Street Journal (1/6/2003)

"Mutual Funds Report" The New York Times (1/5/2003)

"Fourth-Quarter Fund Report" The Washington Post (1/5/2003)


"Market Timing Pros and Cons" CBS.MarketWatch (12/25/2002)

"Mutual Funds Join the World of Shorting" Financial Times (11/7/2002)

"Bear Funds Broaden Appeal of Hedging" Financial Times (10/24/2002)

"Bonds Benefit From Stock Fright" The Wall Street Journal (10/7/2002)

"Wisdom in Betting Against the Bulls" The New York Times (10/7/2002)

"Q3's Best Sprinters" CBS MarketWatch (10/1/2002)

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's "PowerLunch" (9/24/2002)

"ProFund Bear Sees Tech at the End of the Tunnel" Mutual Fund Market News (9/16/2002)

"Don't Just Sit and Watch Your Money Dwindle" Seattle Post-Intelligencer (8/24/2002)

"Extreme Investing: Ever wanted to trade like a hedge fund manager? Here's your chance." Money Magazine ((8/2002))

"Rally Gives Investors Chance to Hedge Their Bets" The Hartford Courant (7/25/2002)

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's "Power Lunch" (7/17/2002)

"Quarterly Review: UltraShort OTC top performer" Los Angeles Times (7/8/2002)

"Hedging Your Bets In A Sick Market" The Hartford Courant (6/23/2002)

"Bond Investors Unsure Whether to Stay or Go" Financial Times (5/9/2002)

"'Bear' Bond Funds Seek Gains When Interest Rates Rise" The Wall Street Journal Interactive (5/7/2002)

"ProFunds Adds Contrarian Bond Fund" CBS MarketWatch (5/7/2002)

"Fund of Information: Ripples on Still Water" Barron's (5/6/2002)

"New Fund Looks for Bonds to Drop" Investment News (5/6/2002)

"Shorts 'n' All: William Seale soups up the indexes" Delta Sky Magazine ((5/2002))

"ProFunds Moves Downtown" (4/3/2002)

"Is the Fund Industry Ready for a Rebound?" (3/26/2002)

"Bear with It: Bear funds make money when the market is hibernating" Continental Magazine ((3/2002))

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's Street Signs with Ted David (2/1/2002)

"Sector Funds Can Be Risky Area but They Still Deserve a Look Despite Volatility" The Chicago Tribune (1/15/2002)


"Pick One Stock" Forbes Magazine (12/10/2001)

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's "Today's Business" (12/7/2001)

"Short Funds Stood Tall Through The Slump" Investor's Business Daily (11/28/2001)

"Tech Rally Is Giving Funds a Boost" Investor's Business Daily (11/23/2001)

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's "Power Lunch" with Bill Griffeth (11/8/2001)

"Interview with Dr. William Seale, ProFunds' Director of Portfolio" CNBC's "Street Signs" with Ted David (10/18/2001)

"Fund Managers Took Different Paths Through Trying Times" The Wall Street Journal (10/8/2001)

"The Bear Choice: Big Lure, Big Risk" The New York Times (10/7/2001)

"Royally, Straight-Out Flushed: Bull-Market Gains? Gone, Unless You Bet Against Stocks" The Washington Post (10/7/2001)

"In Mutual Funds, Rare Advancers Were Grizzly" The Wall Street Journal (9/25/2001)

"Radio Interview with Brian Ellis, ProFunds Senior Portfolio Manager" Mutual Perspectives™ with Barry Strudwick ((8/2001))

"ProFund Plays It Straight With Index Funds" Investment News (7/9/2001)

"Street Smarts with Bill Seale on the ProFund UltraShort OTC Fund" CNBC Street Signs (5/2/2001)

"Dirty Harry Funds 'Make My Day' ProFunds for Danger-Loving Market Timers" (4/11/2001)

"Bad Market, Good Bet: Our One-Year Winner Draws a Flush" The Wall Street Journal (4/9/2001)

"Is a 95% Decline Discouraging? Not to These Investors" The New York Times (4/6/2001)

"Grinning And Bearing It" Daily News (3/13/2001)

"Hibernating Bears in a Down Market" U.S. News & World Report (3/5/2001)

"Despite a Stellar 2000 'Short' Funds Get Short Shrift" Los Angeles Times (1/24/2001)

"Exchange Funds Changing Shape" (1/9/2001)


"ProFund Plans Exchange Traded Funds" The Wall Street Journal (12/6/2000)

"Jet Commuter is Back, Helping ProFunds Take Flight" Investment News (10/30/2000)

"Index Funds With Sizzle" Sun-Sentinel (8/20/2000)

"ProFunds Sector Funds Drawing Assets Quickly" (8/9/2000)

"Like Risk? Have We Got a Fund For You" Business Week (7/31/2000)

"Here Come Bear Funds, Out of Their Caves" Mutual Funds ((7/2000))

"Wireless: The Latest Fund Fad To Fly On" The New York Times (7/23/2000)

"Bets Against the Market's Movements" Financial Times (6/24/2000)

"Trying to Make Time With Market Timers" Investment News (6/12/2000)

"ProFunds UltraOTC's Wild Ride" Mutual Funds ((4/2000))

"Homegrown Mutual Funds Thrive Away From Wall Street" The Washington Times (3/13/2000)

"No Experience Necessary" (3/10/2000)

"Two Funds, Two Directions" The Washington Post (1/9/2000)


"ProFunds to Open Site for Traders" (10/8/1999)

"Reach for Higher Returns" Mutual Funds ((7/1999))

"Index Funds: The Similarities Are Different" The Wall Street Journal (5/21/1999)

"Making Money In Mutuals" Investors Business Daily (5/13/1999)

"Highfliers: Some of/98's Best-Performing Funds make it Easy to Invest in a Key Technology Index. In Fact, They May Make it Too Easy" Worth ((3/1999))

"Smart Investing: Top-Performing Stock Mutual Funds: 1 Year" Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine ((2/1999))

"Tech-Company Stakes Pay Off" The Wall Street Journal (1/7/1999)

"How General Stock Funds Fared" USA TODAY (1/6/1999)

"Internet Clicks for 98's Hottest Funds" USA TODAY (1/6/1999)

"4th Quarter's Best and Worst" USA TODAY (1/6/1999)


"Managers Say Nov. Rally Wasn't a Fluke" Investor's Business Daily (12/4/1998)

"Do Leveraged Funds Deliver Long Term?" The Wall Street Journal (12/2/1998)

"Mutual Fund Quotations" The Wall Street Journal (12/1/1998)

"From Bear to Bull: How'd Your Fund Do?" USA TODAY (11/27/1998)

"America's Most Unusual Funds" em>Fund World ((11/1998))

"Bear Funds Come Out of Hibernation" Fund World ((11/1998))

"Active Managers Trailing Index Funds" Boston Capital ((11/1998))

"3rd Qtr's Best, Worst" USA TODAY (10/5/1998)

"Handful of Large Stocks Found Way to Success" USA Today (10/5/1998)

"Few Winners, Many Losers as Global Market Turmoil Hits Home" The Washington Post (10/4/1998)

"Bears Enjoy a Day in the Sun" The Washington Post (10/4/1998)

"Now Is the Time the Bears Have Their Picnic" The New York Times (10/4/1998)

"Safer Havens for Your Money" Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine ((10/1998))

"If You Like to Bet Big, Here Come Hot-Rod Index Funds" Fortune Magazine (9/7/1998)

"Spring-Time for Bear Funds" Chicago Tribune (9/6/1998)

"Investors Pulling Back from Big Stock Funds" The Wall Street Journal (9/1/1998)

"Some Funds Were Unscathed by Slide" The Washington Post (8/30/1998)

"Short Selling Primarily a Strategy for Bold Investors" USA TODAY (8/24/1998)

"Internet is Ideal for a 'Fun' Account" The Washington Post (8/23/1998)

"Some Funds Enjoying Gains in Summer Decline; 44 points separate top" Austin American-Statesman (8/22/1998)

"Leveraged Funds for More Market Bang" Fund Watch's Hot Funds (8/20/1998)

"In a Period of Losses, Some Funds Find Gains" The New York Times (8/16/1998)

"Indexing Gets Supercharged" (8/12/1998)

"Fund Watch Features: Roundup: Tech Leads Some Funds Way Ahead of the Index'" (8/12/1998)

"Leveraged ProFund UltraOTC Fund Up 78%" Investor's Business Daily (8/12/1998)

"Stock-Index Strategy Pays Off" USA Today (7/6/1998)

"Bear Funds" Mutual Funds ((6/1998))

"Five Best Funds for the Bull Market" Mutual Funds ((5/1998))

"Stock Index Funds Swing for Fence, Can Strike Out" USA Today (4/3/1998)


"ProFunds Offers Portfolio Alternatives" Registered Investment Advisor (12/8/1997)