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ProFunds is a premier provider of alternative mutual funds, offering more than 100 funds. ProFund Advisors was founded in 1997, and together with its affiliates, ProShare Advisors and ProShare Capital Management, has over $26 billion in assets under management, as of December 31, 2018.

ProFunds' lineup of mutual funds includes:

  • Classic ProFunds, which seek to track the daily performance of a benchmark
  • Ultra ProFunds, which provide magnified exposure to a benchmark
  • Inverse ProFunds, which provide inverse exposure to a benchmark
  • Sector ProFunds, which provide magnified or inverse exposure to a specific industry sector benchmark
  • A variety of non-equity funds providing exposure to the U.S. Dollar Index®(USDX®) and certain U.S. Treasury securities (non-Equity ProFunds), the high yield bond market (Access Flex funds), as well as a cash alternative (Money Market ProFund).

In 2006, the company launched ProShares, introducing the first geared exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the United States. Today, ProShares offers the nation's largest lineup of alternative ETFs.

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